Monday, July 27, 2009

My newest addiction

I've recently discovered the online beauty world through blogs and YouTube videos. This is also a guilt-free indulgence because in this time of being on a budget in order to buy a home, I am still able to satisfy my MAC cravings by watching/hearing other girls spend, spend, spend. It's fabulous! They do these posts called 'hauls' where they write/show everything they just purchased in their last shopping trip. Ahh, to be able to live vicariously through perfect strangers. I heart the internet.

My favorite so far is lollipop26 because she is freikin adorable and has the best accent. She has so much MAC, Nars, Dior, etc that she sells her extras online, which I think is a great idea. And it makes me chuckle everytime. Other bloggers I follow right now are AllThatGlitters21 and TheYummyMummy.

Someday I'll be able to get myself back into the stores and physically shop. Right now, these girls are my support.

Endless Entertainment

I've had my Netflix account for a few years now and I love, love, love it. I'm finally getting to see all the classics everyone scoffs at me for not having seen as a child. Also the tv shows that I never bothered to record. Plus a gazillion foreign flicks I have to watch multiple times to understand it all. Currently I have about 350 dvd's in my queue.

And then, what luck! I discovered that my man's XBOX Live account can link directly to my Netflix account and I can watch movies instantly, without having to wait for the dvd's to come in the mail. So for the past year I have been watching movies through the XBOX 360 (had to learn to use it first). Right now I have about 60 dvd's in my watch instantly queue.

I pay for my Netflix account every month, he pays for his Live account every year, and it doesn't cost any extra to marry the two. GENIUS!!! On average I probably watch about 5 shows/movies a week on the Xbox and I'm just waiting for it to get old...which sounds redic...but for me, it's guilt-free entertainment and I'll never cancel my accounts.


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