Monday, July 27, 2009

Endless Entertainment

I've had my Netflix account for a few years now and I love, love, love it. I'm finally getting to see all the classics everyone scoffs at me for not having seen as a child. Also the tv shows that I never bothered to record. Plus a gazillion foreign flicks I have to watch multiple times to understand it all. Currently I have about 350 dvd's in my queue.

And then, what luck! I discovered that my man's XBOX Live account can link directly to my Netflix account and I can watch movies instantly, without having to wait for the dvd's to come in the mail. So for the past year I have been watching movies through the XBOX 360 (had to learn to use it first). Right now I have about 60 dvd's in my watch instantly queue.

I pay for my Netflix account every month, he pays for his Live account every year, and it doesn't cost any extra to marry the two. GENIUS!!! On average I probably watch about 5 shows/movies a week on the Xbox and I'm just waiting for it to get old...which sounds redic...but for me, it's guilt-free entertainment and I'll never cancel my accounts.

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