Thursday, August 28, 2008

Musician in SD

Last Sunday Ritz and I did the End of Summer Fire Run from La Jolla to PB. Afterwards they had booths, free giveaways, beer and music. One of the musicians was up front with his guitar and had a pretty sweet California sound, so I bought a cd from him. He was way cool, even signed it for me. We chatted, had a few drinks (gotta love a mimosa of 99% champagne for only $1.25), and wished eachother well.

Yesterday I listened to the full cd (Sun Drenched). And he's really good. Actually reminded me of being in Maui for the Luiz wedding. Soon I will be adding those songs to my iPod.

Or check him out on myspace. I think I searched for Justin James...

Friday, August 15, 2008

Deschanel vs. Perry

Anyone else notice this? It's getting difficult to tell them apart...

Zooey Deschanel

Katy Perry

Katy Perry

Zooey Deschanel

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Glory Daze Clothing

One of my old college suitemates is an artist and currently has a clothing line out with some yoga/workout pieces. Everything is painstakingly handmade and therefore takes a while to produce. Buy online or in L.A. or Maui.

Glory Daze is proud to create a hand painted line of men and women’s clothing that is striking and distinctive. Each design is individually drawn/painted by artists using a specially formulated solution that results in a dye extraction process, which makes every piece 100% unique
. We have created a beautiful collection of designs that symbolically represent the best qualities of life.

A percentage of profits are donated to “One Percent for the Planet, an alliance of companies that recognize the true cost of doing business and donate 1% of their sales to environmental organizations worldwide.” For more info visit"

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Photographer in Oregon

My good friend Michele is an amazing photographer, very talented, and just as sweet as can be. Also, quite amazing with Photoshop. See some of her pix on her blog, below.

Hair Stylist in San Diego (Mission Valley)

Becca hooked it up on my hair for years, ever since she graduated stylist school in Sac. And then she left me (and San Diego) for NorCal. But instead of abandoning me, she referred me to our good friend Misty Stephens, whom I love! Cut, color, conditioning and styling - I go to Misty for it all and she's fantastic. I trust her with what I ask for, I feel totally comfortable in her chair, and she's worth every penny.

Check her out at re:vive salon and spa in mission/fashion valley. Ask for a glass of wine while you're there (or coffee or water if you prefer). And tell her I said hello.

Revive Salon & Spa
1425 Frazee Road
San Diego, CA 92108

Friday, June 20, 2008

Black Eyeliner

I don't know about other girls out there, but I feel like I've tried out my fair share of black eyeliners. The regular pencil never lasts and ends up looking more gray than black. I suck at liquid liner and can never ever get it to look right. The kohl pencils are better but end up smudging all over the place if I even think about perspiring. My dilemma is that I love black eyeliner. I know I'm supposed to wear brown in the daytime, and it suits my skin tone better, blah blah blah. I like what I like.

So last time I was in MAC I started to explain my drama, but before I could finish, the girl whipped out what looked to be a mechanical pencil. She said it's simple to draw on, like a pencil, but it goes on smooth and stays put, like a liquid. I figured, what the hell, might as well give one more product a try.

Bottom line, I love it. I'm able to draw a thin smooth line on the first try and it stays put for hours. If you've had any of my same problems above, it's worth a try.

Thursday, June 19, 2008


I'm all over the Netflix thing and love it love it love it. A few days ago my girl Dodds sent me an invite for a website I've never heard of, Goodreads. Checked it out and I must say, I'm surprised this is the first time I've been on. Better late than never I suppose. You can search books and add to your book list under Read, Currently Reading, or To Read. It's amazing for me because it helps me track those books I've been meaning to read and forget about. I'm also able to get some good recommendations from those on my friends list.

What I'm waiting for is the option for them to mail that ish to my door, just like Netflix.

If you like to read at all, check it out.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Gas Stations Closing

I go to Point Loma on Friday the 13th for 3 things today: burritto, atm for cash, gas b/c i'm on empty

1. get burrito, all is well, b/c i have exactly $6 (thanks Misty!) and it cost me $5.39
2. atm for $120 fastcash, but i can't get that amount, its either $100 or $200. whatever, i get my $100 and go. as i'm leaving to go around the block to rosecrans, i notice that there's a brand new starbucks. right by BofA. not when we lived there and so desperately need it, but now. now that we live downtown.
3. go to the thrifty gas station to fill up before heading back downtown and discover its been closed (vaguely remember that maybe P had mentioned this). ugh. but i really need gas, so i turn around and drive down to our 76 station by the Living Room. turn in and discover it too is closed down (the gas part, of course, not the mechanic shop). curse, yell, scream, EFF this! i'm going home.

my car is still on empty

It's bad enough that we can't afford the price of gas, but when the stations start closing even though they're making $5 a gallon...something's just not right people.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

2008 MTV Movie Awards

So hopefully everyone TiVo'd the awards like I said! If not I'm sure it will re-play a million times. I was there as a seat-filler. But when we got there they PUT US IN THE FRONT ROW!!!! Just to the right of the middle section, very front row. The aisle seat is a girl with big curly hair (our friend Priscilla), next to her Cynthia in a blue dress, then MISTY with hott brown hair and a brown/purple floor length dress, and then ME in a purple dress with my blonde hair pulled back/up. For a reference - we were just in front of the Knocked Up / Superbad boys and Lindsay Lohan was across the aisle. The best shot is when they pan the front row up to the PCD presenters (Katharine McPhee, Anna Faris, Emma Stone & Rumor Willis). It was a GREAT show, we had a blast, and YES that was real weed James Franco and Seth Rogen were smoking onstage.


It's human nature to hate going to the dentists' office, but we all need it. In the seven years I've been in San Diego, I've been in search of a dentist that will simply clean my teeth well. One of the first ones I tried wanted to sell me $10,000 worth of cosmetic dentistry that my insurance wouldn't cover. When I told her I was a 19 year old college student and just couldn't afford more than the basics, she wouldn't return my calls to set-up a cleaning appointment. Another put me in the chair for an initial exam, didn't say ONE single word, then walked away and left me there for 45 minutes. Smilecare in Mission Valley did one tiny filling that was so sensitive for over a year, that it hurt when water hit the spot. Of course, they wouldn't do anything about it even though I kept calling. Needless to say, I've had some bad experiences.

In a last ditch effort to just find someone that would give me my regular cleanings, I looked for a dentist downtown. I found the office of Dr. Martina Parrone and in turn my favorite dentist, Dr. Nicole Vane. She takes my insurance, her office is clean and very stylish, she personally calls me for appointment reminders and to check up on me, and best of all she treats her patients like humans. Crazy concept, I know, but I'm totally comfortable in her office. There's flat screen tv's to distract you from what's really happening in your mouth. Dr. Vane has done my fillings and 1 cleaning so far, and I can honestly say she's the best dentist I've ever had.

If you don't know, I have this thing about needles. Especially when they're heading for my mouth. So much so that I have to take valium before my appointment just to let them put the topical numbing cream on. Last time I went in it was an emergency appointment and I ended up having to get the needle, without the valium! I swear I almost passed out at the thought. But Dr. Vane is so talented that I didn't even feel the needle shove in. At all. For the first time, ever.

She's my new best friend. Check 'em out if you're in SD.

Also, Dr. Vane has another office in Clairemont if downtown is too far for you.

Breakfast in San Diego

My new favorite breakfast place is a little french/californian bistro you may have heard of, St Tropez. They bake fresh breads and desserts daily and the croissants are the best I've ever had. I like their seasoned potatoes that come with your order. I've never ever had eggs benedict, so I decided to try them here, and they were rather good. I love the artwork and decoration. They even have a poster of my favorite movie, Amelie. I liked the rasberry fruit tart very much and will get it again. Reasonably priced. Someday I will try their dinner and wine.

Downtown/Little Italy
600 W. Broadway Ste.130
San Diego, CA, 92101

(619) 234--2560

M-Fri 7:00 am - 8:00 pm
Sat & Sun 9:00 am - 4:00 pm
Dinner Available At This Location


So far my favorite Hawaiian island would be Maui. Good spot for a destination wedding. We stayed in Lahaina and had a great time. Lots of stuff to do but it was still quiet and laid back. Amber's wedding was gorgeous, the scenery fantastic, and the food was more than decent. We rented a car from the airport, which was not necessary as long as you stay in town. We did prefer the beach at Napili Bay however, so the car came in handy. The roadtrip up to Hana was amazing, but I will never in my life drive to Hana again. Unless they build a new road. Maui Babe Lotion gave me a tan that made me look like a local, loved it!


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