Monday, February 1, 2010

Mission: FitBitch Progress from Last Week

My exercise from last week: I finished sweating it out while painting the guest room, which is now complete. At school I parked on the 4th floor of the parking structure and used the stairs to get down and up on Monday. Then on Wednesday I parked at the bottom of the stairs on the far end of campus and walked up the super steep 4 flights. My quads were on fire, so that counts as something.

Not a large portion of exercise (at all) but the GOOD news is that I have maintained the exact same amount of weight over the last 2 1/2 weeks, simply by making good food choices. So I haven't lost any lately, but I haven't gained any either.

This week's fitspiration photo(s):
A montage of Miss Katy Perry that I swiped from Google images.

1 comment:

Rogue said...

Gotta love Katy P! :) Sounds like youre doing well! No gain is definately good, your body will steadily get used to the healthy eating habits and I bet this time next week youll have lost a couple of pounds :) You go girl! x


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