Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Chu is back

Life had gotten to be quite hectic around our home in San Diego and so one thing I gave up was blogging. After a few months I have decided that I want my blog back. I am the Chu and its healthy for me to keep it up. Simply put, I love it, so why deprive myself.
About ChuChulainn: Over time boyfriend gave me the nickname "Chu" and after a while he decided to google it. Turns out that there's an old folklore tale about an Irish Warrior they called Chulainn. Boyfriend also says I must have Viking blood running through my veins, and so the fact that Chulainn was a warrior made the nickname stick even more. That, and I'm a little part Irish. 
Its true though, there's no getting around it, I am a perfect match for my loving nickname bestowed by the love of my life. I am The Chu, ChuChu, ChuChulainn and I have taken back my blog.

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