Sunday, December 12, 2010

A Gift To Myself

For my birthday I like to reward myself with a gift. Typically its a girly ALL-ME treat like a facial, mani/pedi, or massage. This year it was an amazing 90 minute massage from my friend Angee who I can no longer live without (I book her every month now!).

As a special gift, I have purchased myself something for Christmas this year. Mind you, I have been waiting and planning this gift for 2 years, so I feel I was definitely patient. I bought my first pair of snowboard boots! Along with all the helpful tips and info from the chatty guy at Sport Chalet in La Jolla, they're adorable to boot (no pun intended there). They fit really well, white and silver, and they're called "Donna" which I think is so cute because it reminds me of the bad-ass chick group, The Donnas and one of their songs, Girl Talk.

Has anyone else bought themselves a present this year?

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