Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Today I'm Reading

Today I've started reading Cleaning, Plain & Simple by Donna Smallin. This is definitely reading-to-learn and more domesticated than I'd like to admit, but I can no longer stand the filth and I simply must learn how to clean our home.

I can arrange, organize and decorate like no one you've ever seen, but I haven't a clue how to actually clean or what materials work best. (Other than vacuuming, I really love that for some odd reason).

So I'm on Page 6 of this book that my friend recommended to me, and I've already learned something. Yippee! Turns out I'm "The Speed Cleaner":
  • "You enjoy a clean home, but its not one of your top priorities.
  • Cleaning frequently gets postponed for one reason or another.
  • When you have free time, you don't want to spend it cleaning toilets.
  • You seek quick and easy solutions to your cleaning challenges.
  • You may have a tendency to purchase the latest and greatest cleaning products and tools.
  • You may have a whole cupboard or closet full of products you've tried that may or may not have lived up to their promises.
  • If you could afford it, you would hire a professional cleaning service. If you have a cleaning service, you wish you could afford to have them come more often.
Plain and simple advice: If you want to spend less time cleaning overall, clean more often. Start with a thorough cleaning, and then get into the habit of doing a little cleaning each day. Keep cleaning supplies handy to where you use them or put them in a bucket or caddy that makes it easy to tote them to the job...Give away or discard cleaning supplies that did not work as well as you had expected or that you dislike for any other reason."

I have a feeling I'd better buy my own copy of this book and break out the highlighters and colored sticky tabs!

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MegsCamaren said...

I belive I am a "speed cleaner" too. I LOVE having a clean house but can't force myself to do it often. Let me know what you think of the book :-)


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