Wednesday, November 18, 2009

You have green grass

You know that saying 'the grass is always greener on the other side'? Well it bothers me. And I think mostly because its true. We're always striving for something better, which sometimes I think can be good, but some days I just want to appreciate what I have.

I've had a terrible morning - drama with work, broken things at home, one frustration after another - and the whole time I kept thinking "I just want to be happy today, please Kim make yourself happy". But amidst all the drama I hadn't quite made a game plan on how to do that. 

So as I'm catching up on my blog reading (I was 2 weeks behind, happily caught up now) I read one of Kandee's posts about this adorable wife/mother/amazing woman named Stephanie. So naturally I go to Stephanie's blog ( and start reading from the beginning post. She's been blogging for several years, so I skipped up to 2009 and started reading about her near fatal accident and the things she has suffered and the people that have taken care of her and her husband and children.

Her story touched my heart and I am just so proud of her for staying positive during everything she's gone through and is still going through. And in a little miracle, my heart was lifted and I realized something. Grass might be greener on another side, but my grass is still green. Sometimes you need the help of others to see the beauty and joy in your own life. Today Kandee and Stephanie helped me do that and I thank them immensely.


Femme Flaca said...

I love this! This would make a good shirt "My grass is green" (or does that sound dirty?) Either way, I love the sentiment!!

Rogue said...

Hey :) Thanks for following my blog, yours is lovely. And thanks for the advice, I think I will keep just one after all! I couldnt agree more, that sometimes you do need the help of others to realise the beauty of our own life. We all go through low times, its tough to always stay strong but a reassurance to know that others have been through hard times and still pulled through. Ayden xx


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