Sunday, June 15, 2008

2008 MTV Movie Awards

So hopefully everyone TiVo'd the awards like I said! If not I'm sure it will re-play a million times. I was there as a seat-filler. But when we got there they PUT US IN THE FRONT ROW!!!! Just to the right of the middle section, very front row. The aisle seat is a girl with big curly hair (our friend Priscilla), next to her Cynthia in a blue dress, then MISTY with hott brown hair and a brown/purple floor length dress, and then ME in a purple dress with my blonde hair pulled back/up. For a reference - we were just in front of the Knocked Up / Superbad boys and Lindsay Lohan was across the aisle. The best shot is when they pan the front row up to the PCD presenters (Katharine McPhee, Anna Faris, Emma Stone & Rumor Willis). It was a GREAT show, we had a blast, and YES that was real weed James Franco and Seth Rogen were smoking onstage.

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