Monday, June 16, 2008

Gas Stations Closing

I go to Point Loma on Friday the 13th for 3 things today: burritto, atm for cash, gas b/c i'm on empty

1. get burrito, all is well, b/c i have exactly $6 (thanks Misty!) and it cost me $5.39
2. atm for $120 fastcash, but i can't get that amount, its either $100 or $200. whatever, i get my $100 and go. as i'm leaving to go around the block to rosecrans, i notice that there's a brand new starbucks. right by BofA. not when we lived there and so desperately need it, but now. now that we live downtown.
3. go to the thrifty gas station to fill up before heading back downtown and discover its been closed (vaguely remember that maybe P had mentioned this). ugh. but i really need gas, so i turn around and drive down to our 76 station by the Living Room. turn in and discover it too is closed down (the gas part, of course, not the mechanic shop). curse, yell, scream, EFF this! i'm going home.

my car is still on empty

It's bad enough that we can't afford the price of gas, but when the stations start closing even though they're making $5 a gallon...something's just not right people.

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