Tuesday, October 13, 2009

10/10 = THREE weeks until Halloween

Okay so I know today is already Tuesday and I am clearly behind on my posting. But I have good reasons, I swear. We're closing on a condo soon (maybe today) and things have been nuts around here, to say the least!!

What I wanted to say for this week is that my costume is ready!!! I'm going to be 1 part of a Swarm of Killer Bees :^) I went to 5 different stores this weekend, but items were found and bought. Tried it all on and its boyfriend approved. Unfortunately, like a dummy, I didn't take pix and its now all packed and ready to move to the new home. So no 'before' pix but you'll get them after Halloween in full gear. But here's the low-down:
  • Bee costume - tube dress w/ stripes and a yellow tutu
  • black tights
  • black knee-high boots
  • black ruffly bootie shorts to cover my bum (dress is too short)
  • Antennae headband that came w/ costume, but I bought huge yellow pom-poms to glue on to make the dots bigger and fluffier
  • Yellow eyeshadow and huge spidery black fake lashes
  • Yellow, orange, and black ribbons that I'm going to braid together and make a bracelet
  • black nail polish
  • 2 vampire fangs with fake blood (for my 'killer' role)
  • a mini disappearing dagger (for my 'killer' role - I know vamps dont need knives, but its fun)
  • Piece of fake skin w/ 2 fang bites that I'm going to beg my boyfriend to glue on his neck haha
  • For the boys - they get bee shirts/wings, a bullet belt to strap around chest, fake daggers, but still need to buy their fake guns
And I think thats it...definitely not wearing the bee wings.

I'm ready for Halloween!!! I even broke down and bought some cute pumpkin decorations that we can use for Thanksgiving too. Looking forward to having our new condo keys so I can decorate.

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The Mrs. said...

we want pictures! We want pictures!


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