Monday, October 5, 2009

Week 17 of Mission: FitBitch

While Week 16 I was the energizer bunny of workouts, Week 17 was the opposite. I know it was because I was 'sick', but it still looks sad. Hopeful to get back on track this week, or asap.

Week17: X-6 which means I lost another pound from last week!!

I am now 2 lbs away from my moderate goal weight (by Halloween) and 7 lbs away from my ideal goal weight (by 12/31). Pretty excited actually, even though its hard work, because it's working!!

Here's all the exercise I did from last week:
  • Fit Orbit Workout - from my personal trainer - 30minutes
And that's all I was able to do, one whole week ago :^( I want to get rid of this stone asap, and be re-motivated like I was 2 weeks ago.

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