Sunday, October 4, 2009

Ghosts of Halloweens Past

I love to dress-up and Halloween is the perfect time for doing so! In prepping for this year, I found some pix from previous years I wanted to share for fun. Or costume ideas. Who knows.

This is boyfriend and I, our first Halloween together, in 2006. Our friend Cheyenne came to visit from Virginia so we went out downtown San Diego. Boyfriend was a priest and I was a devil. A bit sacrilegious, I know, but we thought it was hilarious!

In 2007 I was still recovering from my one and only lithotripsy, so we didn't celebrate.

For 2008 me and my kickball team and friends did a pub crawl in which I was an Army girl aka Major Hustler. haha (I bought my costume at the Hustler store, so I guess thats what happens). Here's Cait (gladiator) and I.


Our kickball team also did a tournament in which we got to dress up. We didn't win the tourney (or the costume contest for that matter, booo) but we MADE OUR costumes!!! The boys were cowboys (they were on their own for costumes) and the girls were indians. We planned ahead, took measurements, drank a lot of wine, and Erinn and I sewed like mad to make these dresses (mostly E did the hard work). SO cute, I still love them. Nikki, Kat, Cait, ME, Erinn, and Maritza.

Then for actual Halloween night 2008 we party hopped in Pacific Beach. "An angel, a bunny, and a devil are walking down the street..."
Erinn is the devil, Maritza is the bunny, and I am the angel.

Here's my full costume. I loved loved loved this one.


Cheyenne will be flying out from Virginia again this year (lets make it a 3 year tradition Chi-Town!) and my buddy Erinn will be flying down from NorCal (she just moved up there and left me a few months ago). My lil brother will be working :^( Still deciding on venue, but probably party hop in PB again. Excited for sure.

Who else has old Halloween pix?? I want to see!

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