Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Automatic Pick-Me-Up

Having a bummer of a day so I decided to treat myself to an on-a-whim $20 Mani. Asked the girl to chop off all my nails and paint them a deep, dark red.

“Sure you no want French?”
“Yes, I’m sure. Dark red please.”
“Sure you no want long nail?”
“Yes, I’m sure. Chop them off please.”

She does her thing, and then reminds me to pay now before we paint (so it doesn’t get chipped). After a quick goodbye to my hard earned $20 bill I
hand it over to her. And she comes back with $10! Oh happy day, things are looking up.

“Sure you no want lighter color?”
“Yes, I’m sure. Dark red please.”

She paints a swatch on her nail then shows it to me, as if to prove what a terrible color choice I’ve made. Ugh. She’s right. Damn her! I wrinkle my nose, shake my head, and give her the puppy dog apologetic eyes. She nods her head in silent understanding as I get up to go pick a new color.

Not wanting to disappoint again, I spend a little longer looking at my choices. It doesn’t help. Now I’m stuck at indecision point and can feel the eyes borin
g into the back of my head. Then I have a sudden epiphany, smile to myself, make a grab, and essentially skip back to my seat.

I hand over the nail polish bottle and she paints a swatch on her nail again, with a slight nod of approval this time. I giggle and stick out both my hands, ready to go.

Turns out that if you choose your nail color as if you were 5 years old again, it can bring a smile to your face. This one reminds me of Watermelon Bubblicious and it makes me happy. Super impractical and I love it!

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