Friday, August 14, 2009

Weeks 1-10 of Mission: FitBitch

By now you have all probably heard of the books SkinnyBitch. If not, its a quick read and quite entertaining. It basically promotes vegan living, which isn't really my style, but I did learn several food and fitness tips that I have incorporated into my life. Ever since I read the book, I find myself saying things like "I want to be a Skinny Bitch" but really, when I think hard about it, its not that I want to be skinny. What I want is to be fit, to feel good in my clothes, to feel light in my own skin, and to know that I'm healthy.

Sooo, with that in mind, I have changed my 'Mission: SkinnyBitch' to 'Mission: FitBitch' because I WANNA BE A FIT BITCH. There, I've put it out there, don't judge me.

I've been tracking my weight and here are my results for the first 10 weeks:
Week1: Start weight, 'X', aka the-most-ive-ever-weighed-in-my-entire-life
Week2: X-1, or, I lost 1 pound
Week3: X-1, or, I weigh the same as in Week2
Week4: Forgot to weigh myself
Week5: X-1, still the same same same
Week6: X-2
Week7: Forgot to weigh myself
Week8: X-3, hurray!
Week9: X-3, still hurray
Week10: X-2, boooo I gained a pound, but still down 2 lbs overall

So as you can see, I haven't done jack shit, and it is now time to get motivated into exercising and eating better.

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