Saturday, August 1, 2009

Girls, its time to say no!no!

To unwanted hair that is. I saw the no!no! hair removal system when it first came out and was skeptical so I followed the progress and reviews for several months, trying to find the flaw. I have very sensitive skin (to the point where my own Dr. said I had to ditch razors), waxing is so painful I'll never go back, and professional laser hair removal was just getting too expensive for me (about $100 a session for the bikini area alone!).

Sooo...I finally broke down and went into Sephora to chat about buying the adorable pink thing that seemed to good to be true.

I've been using it for a few months now, as regularly as I can, and so far so good. It takes just slightly longer than shaving, so I only use it when I'm not in a huge rush. The thing to remember is that its more of a long term solution and not a replacement to shaving each morning. There is still some stubble immediately after use. The downside is the burnt hair smell, which is fairly strong, but I combat that by lighting scented oil before I start. I have definitely noticed less hair growth, more sparse if you will. I use it on my legs, bikini, and underarms and probably only need to shave about twice a week now.

Overall, for this price, I would say it is definitely worth it and am looking forward to reviewing results in another 3 months.

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