Sunday, October 24, 2010

August 23, 2010: Skinny Little Bitch

I am by no means a "Skinny Little Bitch", but I love this song by Hole.

"Skinny Little Bitch
Starin' at the mirror
In your desperation to disappear...

Skinny Little Bitch
Prayin' to the lord
Praying for some salvation
Cause she's just so bored..."

Listening to these lyrics got me matter our height, weight, gender, body shape, etc, we all have things about ourselves we'd like to improved, physically speaking.  Everyone's definition of improvement is different, depending on the individual. For me, I just want to be fit. Like, double take, super fit. Mostly because I know I can do it. I really know I can.

So here's my plan:
Month 1 & 2: Lose the extra weight I don't need by changing my diet and running
Month 3 & 4: Then begin to build muscle tone head to toe with yoga and pilates
Month 5 & after: Maintain my weight, cardio, and long lean muscles forever and ever amen

If I'm working my ass off in the beginning to obtain my goals, I don't want to ever have to work that hard again. So my plan is to only have this be a one time thing.

Cheers to Mission: FitBitch!

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