Wednesday, October 27, 2010

October 11, 2010: Mission: FitBitch: Weeks 7 through 9

So I'm a little behind on posting my progress from the last few weeks.  If I had kept up with it, here's what I would have posted.

Week 7 Progress (September 12 - September 18):
Only one more week until our Nags Head, VA vacation! I ran 3 miles this week and then laid on the couch for 4 days after having 2 of my wisdom teeth pulled. It was awful and wonderful at the same time.

Week 8 Progress (September 19 - September 25):
Sunday I was still on the couch; Monday I flew to Oakland to work up there for the day; Tuesday and Wednesday I was absolutely exhausted and started to get a cold; Thursday I did jack shit; Friday I finally forced myself to pack an hour before we left for the airport; Saturday we were in Nags Head, NC on vacation.

Week 9 Progress (September 26 - October 2):
After 3 or 4 nights of cold medicine not working and getting not much sleep, I finally realized it wasn't a cold but severe allergies. So I started taking benedryl every two hours around the clock. Which meant no alcohol for me, which I was okay with. Once I started feeling better it started raining so hard we couldn't go outside. For days. Needless to say my running clothes went untouched the entire 5 days in NC and 3 days in VA visiting my loverface's family.

BUT guess what...I didn't gain an ounce on this vacation!

Photos by ChuChulainn

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