Saturday, January 2, 2010

First Day of 2010

Yesterday boyfriend and I had the best day. A little laziness, a little productivity, and lots of kisses. It's so easy to make me happy haha. Here's what we did:
  • Slept in a bit
  • Made coffee - Starbucks French Roast (my fav)
  • Good breakfast of hard boiled egg and fruit
  • Played some Gran Turismo 5 Prologue (boyfriend's brothers bought him a PS3 for Christmas & he bought this game for me-I love racing cars)
  • Ordered a new couch - We've had our eye on this one for a year or so, but since the futon recently broke, we went to replace it asap
  • Got more Starbucks :^)
  • Bought a couple things at Ruehl - they're closing our store, actually all the stores (going out of business), so everything is super on sale
  • Chipotle for lunch!
  • Watched a movie on Xbox/Netflix - Romancing the Stone (I loved this movie when I was a kid & haven't seen it in forever - now its a bit cheesy)
  • I took an hour nap
  • Watched an episode of Friday Night Lights on Xbox/Netflix
  • Finished our bottle of wine from Jessup Cellars in Napa Valley (there wasn't much left)
  • Had a snack of bbq popchips & i had a cup of strawberries
  • Found an extra power cord for my bro to have & made plans for him to come over Sunday
  • In bed by 1030pm
Here's a picture of our couch, from the website. We ordered the color 'cream' in a twill material and plan on buying a slipcover to keep it safe and fresh. And actually, when we put the new flooring in our condo, it will be a similar shade to what's shown here.

 Super simple day & so relaxing. Those are my best days. What about you, what did you do yesterday?


Rogue said...

mmm, starbucks :) my friend works at the store at glasgow airport, which is really near my house so some days when she finishes I get a knock on the door and a free coffee :) yum! I wish there was a shop over in the uk where I could buy all the awesome american snacks :( you guys do it best, honestly! xx

RedMIssMitchell said...

So where is the couch from? Because I am in the market...otherwise all us ladies will be squished on to the loveseat!


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