Sunday, January 10, 2010

Under the weather

Friday night I knew that my throat was tight and starting to swell, which are my early signs for getting a cold, but I didn't wanted to believe it. Saturday I woke up feeling fine and thanking God that it must have been my imagination. I should have known better.
Saturday night I crash so hard I ignored my daily blog post, boyfriend made me soup, and tucked me into bed early with a Harry Potter dvd. Today I don't feel any better so I'm taking it easy and haven't moved off the couch.
I loathe feeling/being under the weather, its just so annoying. While I'm stuck on the couch boyfriend is 'going to go Dexter the guest room' which means prepping it for popcorn removal and painting. I love that stuff. And of course I love that show.

1 comment:

Rogue said...

Hope you feel better soon girl :( take it easy eh? xx


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