Monday, January 25, 2010

Mission: FitBitch Progress from Last Week

Wow, this is a really good idea for me to post progress weekly. Mostly because it reminds me, yet again, that I didn't do shit last week!! And I'm never going to get to my goal this way.

My exercise from last week: I ran 20 minutes on the treadmill, one day. Does sweating while painting your guest bedroom count as exercise??

This week's fitspiration photo:

Gretchen Bleiler


Rogue said...

Haha Im sure it does! Im convinced painting and climbing ladders and moving set about that I do in uni has to burn at least a couple hundred calories a day :p Are you gonna go snowboarding again soon? xx

Rowdy Style said...

A goal should be 3 things.

-measurable. you gotta have a way to mark progress.

-attainable. you have to actually have hope and a valid plan.

-timed. when? for each and every step.

RedMIssMitchell said...

Of course painting is a workout! Look it up, I'm sure that someone has figured out how many calories you burn while painting.

Kerry said...

if you sweating while painting it still counts! if housework counts, im sure that does!! that girls stomach is lovely!!


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