Thursday, January 14, 2010

Update: 2009 Goals in Review

I believe I was fairly successful in completing my personal goals in 2009. Just to be sure, let's take a look. Here they are with today's comments in red:

MUST Goals:

• Pay off all credit card debt by 05/31/2009 - Yes, I did actually pay it off early, but it didn't last long before I added more debt on, whoops.
• Lose 8 lbs by 05/31/2009 - This did not happen, I lost more like 6 by year end, but it was close.
• Have $5k in savings by 12/31/2009 - I did meet this one, and then promptly spent all my money on a home with boyfriend. But that was the plan for saving.

HOPE Goals:
• Lose an additional 5 lbs by 12/31/2009 - No I didn't make it to my goal weight even though I worked on it for a year. Or pseudo worked on it. Still have the last 5 lbs!
• Have a visible six pack (this one makes me giggle, but I AM serious!) - aHAahahah yeah, not so much
• Plan and have money allocated for a 2010 Europe trip by 12/31/2009 - this one is done! Dublin, Paris, and Prague LOOK OUT!
• Be kidney stone free this year - I do have a stone, and have had it for quite some time now, but technically this one is still met b/c I haven't passed any stones this year. Or I might have passed one actually. But still, I was close to none all year, one isn't bad.
• Have $20k liquid available for a house down payment - Umm $20k liquid didn't happen, but I did have enough money for a down payment, so that worked out well.

Overall I think I did okay. Love this pic from

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Femme Flaca said...

what a great way to keep yourself accountable. I think I will do this for 2010. Glad you got most of yours met!!


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