Monday, January 4, 2010

In Need of Fitspiration

The last two weeks I have been pretty diligent about my food intake - back to my healthy ways. But for some reason I can't get back into the habit of exercising. For me, this is the hardest part; starting up your gym regime after some time off. I can't figure out why its so damn difficult though!
And I'll be honest here...I have only done a type of phisical exertment ONE time since before my cousins wedding in October. WHAT the...yes, one time I went jogging/walking/hiking for an hour and a half with 2 of my friends. And that's it. And I've only got 5 pounds left to go to be at my goal weight. Five pounds, thats it. I just want to dump it already!
I need some help here girls. What gets you motivated to get back into an exercise routine? How do you make that first step into the gym?


Ondine said...

I'm going to be no help to you at all I'm afraid - i just can't motivate myself to join a gym (or spend the money on it).. I do however get off the tube earlier than necessary so it means I get 20 minutes of brisk walking at the start and end of work which I figure is better than nothing

Rogue said...

Its so hard to get motivated :( Even will silly things like tidying, writing essays, and travelling long journeys, its always just the 'getting started' bit thats the hardest! Id say some upbeat music on your ipod and a fresh start on a bright early morning is the easiest way to break into it! Maybe even go swimming first? Cause you can play around and it doesnt seem too much like exercize :) but youll still feel great after it! Ayden xx

Rogue said...

Ohh and I also meant to say - The ice cream wasnt mine! I found it on photobucket a little while ago. It looks yummy though eh? You need to see Up and The Hangover, you wont be disappointed! :) xx

RedMIssMitchell said...


I totally get your slump...I haven't exercised since September or so. But guess what? I marched my butt down a whole block to the one gym in town and joined! There's not many classes and most aren't when I'm free, but I joined and I used that eliptical machine for 45 minutes yesterday...JUST GO!

Be 5 lbs sexier when I see you in February ;)


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