Friday, September 25, 2009

2 Fit Tips I learned this week

I've always been pretty interested in fitness and nutrition, and I feel like I have a decent knowledge foundation on the subjects. But its always fun to learn new things! This week I actually learned 2 new things that I didn't know before and I think are pretty important (b/c they're opposite of what I thought) so I wanted to share.
  1. I was watching the 'Week Two' episode of Biggest Loser (heart that show!) and Jillian said something that made me rewind and replay. Basically what she said is that your body needs protein within 30 minutes of working out. Reason is that your muscles are broken down while exercising and they need the protein right after to start building them back fast.
  2. My FitOrbit trainer said that when your body is hungry, it will ALWAYS start breaking down your muscle, and not fat. I was okay with being hungry for a while b/c I thought it was burning fat, so whats the harm right? WRONG. If you are hungry, your body eats your muscle, not your fat.!
So boys and girls, what did we learn this week? Don't let yourself be hungry. Drink a lil protein shake after you workout. Easy peasy.

Happy Friday!!

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