Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I'm not wearing a bra

Okay, I am, but it doesn't feel like it. Long story short, boyfriend forced me to go bra shopping, which I did. After picking up every bra in Victoria's Secret that I might like, I went in the dressing room and tried all 7 of them on. Only 2 of them looked right. 1 was a regular bra and 1 was a sports bra so I got them both.

Turns out what I was buying was their new Biofit bra and I had no idea. I just picked what fit best. $45 and I chose the light pink. What I love about this bra is that it feels like I'm not wearing one. That also happens to be what I hate about it thus far. Reason being is that I'm sooo used to that feeling, I think it'll take some time to get used to. But so far so good (I've worn it twice).

And then here's the cute lil sports bra I got for about $20 on sale.

Does anyone else have one of these? What do you think of it?

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