Monday, September 21, 2009

Weeks 11-15 of Mission: FitBitch

This is a follow-up post to my 'Weeks 1-10 of Mission: FitBitch'. My Start Weight is shown as 'X', aka the-most-ive-ever-weighed-in-my-entire-life.

I've been tracking my weight and here are my results for weeks 11-15:

Week11: X-3, or, I lost 1 pound since Week10
Week12: X-3, or, I weigh the same as in Week11
Week13: X-4, or, yay I lost 1 pound since Week12
Week14: X-4
Week15: X-4, still the same same same

So what that means is that since I started tracking my weight and habits, I've lost 4 pounds overall. Not bad, but not great, which is ok since its still all lost weight and not gained. Plus, the last day of Week15 is when I kicked the workout routine into high gear, so hopefully the next update (on Sat 9/26) will start showing quicker results.

Is anyone else tracking their weight/fitness/eating routines?

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