Sunday, September 20, 2009

We love Luizy

Just want to put it out there that we have the best friends evveeeerrr!!! A few weeks ago our lovely friend ALu was visiting SD and when pouring her a glass of wine I admitted that we actually only have 2 wine glasses. Gasp, shock, horror, I know. She couldn't believe it. I'm thinking because we drink so much wine? We do.

I swear one week later we get a box delivered at our front door and GUESS what it is?!?!


A set of 6 brand new wine glasses from our lovely friends the Luizys!!! We couldn't believe it, it was such a great surprise. They are thick, sturdy, and gorgeous. So we did the only logical thing - promptly rinsed one out and poured a glass of vino.


THANK YOU ALu and KLu!!!!!!!!!!!! You're simply the best.

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