Thursday, September 24, 2009

“Girls in white dresses with blue satin sashes”

My cousin Jamie is getting married in Tennessee this October and one of boyfriend's best buds is getting married in Virginia in November. For my cousins wedding, I'm not in the wedding party or anything but all of the family that will be in town is invited to everything. For the VA wedding, boyfriend is a groomsman which makes me...loverface to a groomsman?

Translation: 5 'events' in 2 months = 5 new dresses for ChuChu!!!

And since we finally know what home we're buying (and how much down payment we need) I was able to do some shopping. All sales, of course! I was able to buy 3 dresses from (on super sale) & 3 dresses from my local Forever 21 (already super cheap).

I love how JCrew does their packaging, so careful and clean. Below, the green dress, is the one I will wear to my cousins wedding in Oct.

I will be wearing the Zigi Soho Gloria Satin Platform Sandal in black, from DSW, and carrying this handbag, also in black and from DSW.

For her bridal luncheon I think I'm going to wear this floral number from F21. I love the open back. Or I might wear the blue one from J Crew, with yellow shoes I wore to Del Mar opening day.

I also need to decide on something for the rehearsal dinner in which the bride will be wearing a blue cocktail dress. And then there is the rehearsal dinner in Nov, along with the wedding and reception. These are the other dresses I bought, but haven't exactly decided which I'm wearing for what occasion.


What do you guys think, any ideas? I don't think that I can properly wear this white/black one above since they're both weddings. So that leaves the pink and the gray. I've got a couple others in the closet I might need to pull out for this.


Ondine said...

Damn, gorgeous dresses! I think you can wear black or white to rehearsal dinners can't you I would think - just not to the actual ceremony.

I love J Crew and Forever 21 so much - how I miss American shops *sigh*.
(p.s. want to try and little transatlantic makeup swapsie?)

ChuChulainn said...

@Ondine - Thanks doll! That's a good point, perhaps I could wear the white one to the first rehearsal dinner...its actually more of a cream, maybe that helps? *Light bulb* I'll email it to my cousin and ask her opinion!

YES! If I remember, you're in the UK (Yes, I love your blog). Never done a transatlantic, but I'd love to try. Not sure what I can't get here, but I think Barry M is defs one thing??

RedMIssMitchell said...

I agree. Anything goes for the rehearsal. That black one it super cute! I'm jealous you have places to go to wear such pretty things

ChuChulainn said...

@RedMissMitchell Ok, thnx girl. I was thinking for the black one (actually its charcoal gray) I would wear black leggings and some gray ankle boots but that might not be 'cocktail' enough. Funny you mention that b/c thats exactly what I said to boyfriend "finally a place to wear my dresses!!"

Sparkles said...

The green one is even more gorgeous in these pics then it was on the website!!

I haven't even thought about what to wear to the rehearsal and shower. Oops. I blame it on half of those dresses being in Lindsey's room since I have several more nicer ones than she does and she's playing in the wedding so has to look supernice.

I'd totally wear the cream one to the rehearsal or shower. I just think it's a no-no at actual ceremonies because only the bride should be in white. If you're iffy about it, ask Jamie or Aunt Peggy what they think? Sorry I'm not much help. :D

<3 tif

ChuChulainn said...

@Sparkles Aww thanks cousin!! I really am excited about the green one, I just love that color. My mom hates hates hates it though so lets see how many comments she makes about it when I wear it haha.

I just realized we have 3 weeks left until the wedding! Start raiding closets. First come first served lol.

Yeah, this helps. I think I'll ask J and Peg what they think about the cream one for the rehearsal (since its more 'cocktail'-y). If they say its okay, then thats the one!

Ondine said...

Some Barry M for sure - and have you read about the wonderful Sleek eye palettes? Getting raves all round and I love the one i have. I blogged about it a while back and did some swatches but they have a couple out.
Have a think about what you're after, and I will too!


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