Sunday, September 27, 2009

9/26 = FIVE weeks until Halloween

We now officially have five weeks left until Halloween. If any of you are doing your own Hot for Halloween (H4H) challenge, this means we still have time to lose 5 more pounds in a healthy way. Simply crunching the numbers, 1 pound = 3500 calories. So if you reduce your caloric intake by just 500 calories each day, for 7 days, that is 1 pound lost in 1 week. Sounds easier than actually done, I know, but if you're serious about getting fit I think its important to lay out how to reach your goals. At least for me it is, I need to see my plan in writing.

Still on hyper intense mode of eating healthy and working out. And so far its working for me, yaaaay I lost 1 pound this week!!!

Another thing I did for myself is to get a personal trainer on Fit Orbit. They give you meal plans and exercises every day, based on your fitness goals. Mine started Fri 9/25 and so far I like it, but I'm still getting used to logging everything in their website. I signed up for a 6 month package and I hope it helps me stay focused. I think it will.

Goals are:
  • Deficit of 500-700 calories each day
  • NO alcohol, cheese or fastfood! (1 glass of wine is ok)
  • Stick to raw, fresh vegetables as much as possible
  • Workout 5-7 days a week, 30 minutes minimum each day (Mon & Wed are the days I can skip)
  • Increase water intake (I learned drinking more water helps you lose more weight)
  • Also, NO sugars
DRINK YOUR WATER!!!! This is my buddy Contigo, I take her wherever I go.

Is anyone else challenging themselves? How's it going?


RedMIssMitchell said...

Me too! I've cut out my evening snacking and replaced it with exercising on the treadmill. Friday and Saturday are my days off. I've replaced my in school snack with veggies and hummus and only allowing myself one diet dp a day. It's working really well I think I dropped a few lbs but the scale may be inaccurate. H4H here I come!

ChuChulainn said...

@RedMissMitchell OH yay!! I love it that we're doing it 'together' even if remotely. I'm starting to love the treadmill. I really wish I had measured my waist size along with weight (I think thats most important). Oops oh well.


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