Monday, September 21, 2009

9/19 = SIX weeks until Halloween

I just realized that it is exactly 6 weeks until Halloween, which for me means super crunch time on getting fit. I was surfing around on the blogs and YouTube, looking for fitness peeps to follow for motivation and I came across kelanjo19 video on joining the Hot for Halloween (H4H) fitness challenge. Her video explains where it came from (the siegster) and so Ive decided to semi jump on the bandwagon. I wont be making any videos but these people have inspired me to make sure I'm fit by Halloween 10/31/09. 

I want to be able to wear this bee costume. I'm not sure that I would actually wear something this small out in public, but I want to at least have the body to decide for myself! I'm tired of choosing the clothes I wear based on how best to cover my fat (yes, I just admitted that).

The next few weeks will be hyper intense mode on eating healthy and working out. I plan to post my progress every Saturday.

Goals are:
  • Deficit of 500-700 calories each day
  • NO alcohol, cheese or fastfood! (1 glass of wine is ok)
  • Stick to raw, fresh vegetables as much as possible
  • Workout 5-7 days a week, 30 minutes minimum each day (Mon & Wed are the days I can skip)
  • Increase water intake


Phoebe said...

I totally choose clothes on how to best cover my tummy bulge! That is so awful and I never realized how bad that is until you wrote that. Thanks!

ChuChulainn said...

@Phoebe I know, right?! I don't want to make myself feel that way anymore - thats my motivation. xo

Victoria said...

I need to shake myself up with my exercising and healthy eating. I have become used to having an unfit body and I'm tired of it!

I love Kellys videos. I have met her a few times and she's lovely, really motivating on her videos too! I also love the siegster, his videos are fab.

I said I would do H4H but as usual I have been lazy and not made any progress yet!

You have inspired me to get into that halloween costume! lol.


ChuChulainn said...

@Victoria Girl me too. Thats why I finally made a change. Just so sick of it.

OMG I would love to have met her, I think she's so entertaining! I bet she's hilarious in person.

YAY start today! We've still got a lil more than 5 weeks, you can do it. I would love to hear about/see your progress! Blog it up doll.


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