Monday, September 28, 2009

Syrah Wine Parlor in San Diego

There's a new wine bar that opened in San Diego a while ago, and I've been meaning to try it out, but haven't had the chance until last Friday! My friend Chrissy celebrated her birthday there and I was pretty excited to see it. It's called Vin de Syrah Spirit and Wine Parlor, or Syrah for short, and I love love love it. I would say the decor is a modern twist on Alice and Wonderland and also reminds me of some Anthropologie windows I've seen. Unfortunately it was way too busy for me to snap any pix of the decor, but I was able to find the following on Google images and the Syrah website. It's meant to feel as if you were in the rabbit hole.


I was in heaven and definitely plan on going back. The wine was reasonably priced (and by 'reasonably' I mean that it wasn't any more or less expensive than the other bars in the gaslamp). 

Me, before leaving the apt. Boyfriend being silly with the camera so I started being bratty b/c I wasn't getting the pic I wanted.


I was over it and started walking away, so boyfriend kept shooting. But this one is a good indicator of the slight bubbliness on the bottom of my dress. Also, as you can see, I had in my extensions and this was the day before my hair appt in which I darkened the bright blonde a bit and chopped it off.

Me and my friend Erin that I've known since elem school but now we both live in SD.

Julie and I.

I'm a dummy I didn't get any pix with the bday girl Chrissy :^( I will be going back here at some point and would like to snap more pix when it's not so crowded.

Has anyone else been here? Or is there something out there that's similar that you know of?

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