Monday, September 28, 2009

New healthy hair!

For various reasons my hair has been damaged upon repair. So last week I made the decision to go see my stylist Candice and to simply cut off the death. There was just no fixing it at this point, so it had to go. My appointment was on Saturday, so I'm still getting used to it. Here's the new cut, wind blown dry, with no heat or products or styling.

My hair was getting long, and I do miss it, but this is the best thing for my locks. Cut your hair to grow your hair, right?! I believe Laura has even mentioned that recently and I know that Kelly has done the same (btw, I don't personally know these girls, but their blogs are my religion and I heart them). 

I also went back to using my Matrix Sleek Look Shampoo & Conditioner because I like the soft way it makes my hair feel. My K-Pak deep conditioner will be once every 1-2 weeks (b/c you can over-condition). And I'll be getting rid of all my Aveda products (they hate me for some reason and I'm bummed about this).

What do you think? Good decisions?


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